5 Basic Google+ Features Every Entrepreneur Should Know

Google PlusIf you are still getting used to the features in Google+, you are certainly not alone. Everyone is in the same boat. Here are a few basic features to consider when using Google+:

Fill Out Your Google+ Profile

Don’t make short cuts when filling out your profile. Make sure it is filled out to its entirety. An empty profile looks unprofessional.

Create a “Professional” Circle

Google+ allows you to create as many circles as you desire – professional or personal. Create a professional circle and invite your clients or subscribers. It feels great to finally be able to separate your personal life from your business life in social media.

Block People from Sharing Your Post

Let’s say that you want to send an important message or an R.S.V.P invitation to people within your circle, you can prevent users from sharing your post by disabling the reshare option. This will automatically disable the share button from your post. You can edit posts and disable comments in the same area.

Get a Shortened URL

A lengthy Google+ URL profile may be fine with family and friends. However, a shortened URL looks more business like when sharing a link with clients and associates. There are a couple of sites that allow you to get a shortened Google+ URL for free within seconds.

Only Share Useful Content

Using Social Media can be an excellent way of increasing sales and revenue – if it’s done the proper way. Make sure you only share content (text, videos, images and links) that will be useful to the people within your circle. If you’re posting text, check for spelling errors. There is nothing worse than reading posts riddled with typos.

Avoid Spam

Those who use Google+ to send out their daily spam messages will find themselves with “0” friends in there circle. The sole reason why people join a circle is to share similar interest and ideas – not to read someone’s annoying spam messages.

There are several more Google+ features available. Hopefully, the information shared in this post will help you along with your journey through Google+.

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