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Meet The Team: Don

Meet The Team: Don


What is your role at Powerserve? I am Powerserve’s Customer Support Jedi. I take care of most of our customer support issues, software training, domain management, and email administration, as well as managing our SSL Certificates and doing updates to customer websites. I also do a bit of graphic design and layout, although our newer designers are all better than I am at it. If I was the only designer all of our stuff would probably look like it was designed in the ’90s.

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The Best Mobile Website Solution for you!

Mobile Website Design

Everyday we are engaging in conversations with clients regarding their website’s usability on mobile devices. This should come as no surprise, as recent data shows that mobile website traffic has increased 192.5% since 2010 and mobile internet usage is projected to overtake desktop internet usage by 2014. Continue reading

Brand Your Company: Getting Everything To Work Together

How consumers view your brand is vital to your company’s success. Is your company sending a concise message? Many of our clients find their brands running in multiple directions when they could be more valuable if presented as a single, unified brand. On the other hand, others might offer more value when their unique services are allowed to stand alone. Continue reading

Google+ Buttons Impact on SEO and Search Results

Google1ButtonEven though it is impossible to predict whether or not Google’s +1 button will have a positive impact on SEO and search results, Google has dropped a few hints over the past few weeks. Have you noticed Google has placed special emphasis on content that’s being “Tweeted” on Twitter and “Liked” on Facebook? It doesn’t take a psychic to tell whether or not Google’s +1 button will have a major effect on SEO in the near future.

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