Blog Highlight Reel Of 2015

Powerserve Blog Highlight Reel

2015 was a fantastic year for Powerserve. We gained a couple great new employees, and grew our specialties within the company. Many of our own rose to the challenge of a new role or client, while others honed their skills to benefit their particular team. Among gaining awesome new clients and great work, here are a compilation of our best/favorite blog posts from the year:

Make Your Website Stand Apart

“If no one can locate you by an internet search, it doesn’t truly matter how awesome your website looks, or how it functions. It’s important to keep your website content relevant and easily recognizable for search engines.”

The Importance Of Good Writing and Editing

“Isn’t it amazing that no matter how good a design looks, if there’s a couple typos or bad grammar, it falls down a couple notches? Great copy can help a design shine.”

Commonly Asked Questions

“If you rely on your website to attract new prospects through search engines, then you’ll probably need to make special efforts — such as SEO and PPC Ads — for search engine visibility. Just because your website just got a fancy, fabulous facelift doesn’t mean that people will automatically find it when they’re on the internet.”

Shepeard Community Blood Center Testimony

“Powerserve improves the accuracy of our orders, and saves man-hours so we can save lives.”

Components Of A Strong SEO Strategy

“It’s not so much about which site has the most links, but who has the most quality links pointing back to their website. Google wants to see that you have a strong variety of domains in your backlink inventory.”

Email Marketing Tips To Keep In Mind

“Most likely the people who sign up for your email are super busy people; they read a lot of emails a day. To make sure your content gets read, break up your content into short paragraphs. Utilize bulleted lists or images to break up your content and make it easily scannable.”

Still Using Spreadsheets?

“Spreadsheets are great when it comes to calculating data. They are certainly a useful tool. But as new technologies continue to emerge, the limitations of spreadsheets have grown more and more apparent.

Do I Need A Website For My Small Business?

“Web has always been known for its wider reach, and is now considered one of the best forms of advertising. With the help of online marketing, your business will become a strong competitor within your field.”

Need Ideas For Your Own Business Blog?

“A great business blog doesn’t necessarily always sell. But, it does show customers why they should do business with you and not your competitors. It shows your personality, your passions, your knowledge and your skill set.”

Our Choices Of Work Tunes

“10 hour loop of the Inception theme song.”

Thoughts For A Successful Social Media Strategy

“Be genuine. Customers see right through the fluff. Trying too hard to be funny or cute won’t get you very far. The simplest social strategies often pay off the most. Keep it short, engaging, and truthful.”

Thank you to our clients and our team for making this year one of the best yet!

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