Brand Your Company: Getting Everything To Work Together

How consumers view your brand is vital to your company’s success. Is your company sending a concise message? Many of our clients find their brands running in multiple directions when they could be more valuable if presented as a single, unified brand. On the other hand, others might offer more value when their unique services are allowed to stand alone.

Multiple locations

Having more than one location is convenient for clients. Showing your locations on your website and marketing materials makes more sense than naming and creating a new brand for each location. Let your clients know you’re growing and they have the benefit of a new location!

Unique Services

We often see our clients create new brands for each of the services they provide. If your clients would benefit from having access to all of your services under one roof, it makes sense to brand all products under one umbrella identity. Creating sub-brands under the umbrella helps reinforce brand recognition, but be sure the brands are recognizably similar.

Different Product Lines

Having multiple product lines can mean new divisions in a company with the subsequent creation of new brands to go along with the products. Although logistics may determine that you divide the company internally it doesn’t necessarily mean you should divide your branding in your customer’s eyes. New products can often be marketed across your spectrum of clients. Having trust with your core brand means they are more likely to purchase your other products.

After finding a negative return from brand segmentation, Powerserve has helped clients to unify their brands and websites back under one identity. As your company grows, be sure to think of what makes most sense to consumers. Ensure your brand is consistent throughout your services, locations, and products.

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