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The Godfather’s Guide To Doing Business Online

Arguably, the Godfather movies are the greatest films ever made, begetting some great “wise guy” proverbs. And since I’m one of those guys who could communicate entirely in movie quotes and being a “web-wise guy” to boot, I wondered how Don Corleone might run the online “family business.” Here’s some memorable Godfather wisdom – and nobody even has to get whacked!

“I’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse.” Studies show that it takes less than a second for visitors to pass judgment on you based on your website. Impress them immediately before the Back button becomes public enemy number one.

“It’s business, not personal.” If that’s your website’s vibe, remember: People make decisions intellectually, but they buy emotionally. It’s always personal; touch something sensitive.

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If Dinosaurs Lived Today

Can you imagine living in a world filled with great and terrible beasts like the dinosaurs? What a world it must have been! I’m guessing that movies like Jurassic Park don’t even come close to depicting these awe-inspiring reptiles! If you’ve ever stood before the intimidating skeleton of a T-Rex in a museum, or a colossal Brachiosaurus, you might have gazed up at it wondering what that amazing animal must have been like in real life. You might have also wondered, Just how did such mighty creatures become extinct? You might be closer to the real answer than you think.

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Eat Right & Keep Your Site From ‘Biggest Loser’ Status

I try to live my life on the healthier side. It’s funny; I’m convinced that we spend millions of dollars on fitness gimmicks only to discover time after time that the Holy Grail of healthy living is in fact… diet and exercise! Bummer. But doesn’t everything work that way? Aren’t we endlessly in search of that one secret ingredient promising us the fat-free, sugar-free, full-flavored business we’ve always wanted – one that makes customers descend on us like wave upon wave of demented dieters on a taco wagon? But alas, just when we were finally resigned to the painful truth that success is measured by how much good ol’ fashion work we were willing to put into it, along came the Internet, which changed everything!

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Content Marketing: Developing Your Most Successful Social Media Campaign

Once your company has determined the most successful content marketing and social media campaign, you’ll need to put those great ideas into real-time action. As the old saying goes, it’s easier said than done. How can you transition your content marketing ideas to the Web? What platforms should you be using to increase your social media campaign’s ROI?

This article will explore the specific steps involved in developing your most successful content marketing and social media campaign:

Identify Your Best Platforms

In the world of social media, there are literally hundreds of platforms you can use for your content marketing campaign. With so many Web 2.0 sites jostling for your time and attention, how can you know which one is the right one for your company?

First, you’ll need to identify if your company wants to engage in content marketing on specific niche social media sites, or on general sites. Additionally, you’ll need to eliminate the Web 2.0 sites that won’t allow you to maximize your social media campaign. For example, LinkedIn Marketing is a great platform for individuals looking to connect in their respective industry, but it might not be a great tool for companies looking to market content to the average customer. No matter which social media platforms you identify and use, be sure that your company has a Facebook account, a Twitter profile and a blog, as these are the most popular – and consumer-trusted – social media platforms online today.

Develop Your Best Team Possible

Once you’ve identified which social media platforms you’ll be using for your content marketing, you’ll need to find talented professionals who can help your campaign come to life. Your readers want to feel as though they’re communicating with real representatives of your company – and that’s where your team comes into play. A dedicated content marketing team can post regular updates, respond to reader comments and garner the kind of client feedback that can help your company improve its products and services.

What Is Content Marketing and Who Does It?

Let’s face it, in today’s competitive business world an entrepreneur can’t afford not to include content marketing as part of their marketing strategy. Unlike traditional marketing techniques (e.g. magazine ads, billboard ads, TV infomercials, telemarketing, etc.) content marketing has the potential to reach tens of thousands and even millions of potential consumers.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the technique of creating and distributing high-quality, relevant and valuable information to attract and engage a particular target audience; this is with the purpose of generating profitable customer action.

Rather than ‘selling’ your products or services, you’re actually delivering valuable information your consumer is searching for online. Content marketing helps your consumers become more educated about your products and services. As a result, the consumer rewards you with their business and their loyalty.

According to statistics taken by Roper Public Affairs, 80 percent of buyers prefer to get company information in the form of articles instead of traditional advertisements. Seventy percent say content marketing gives them a sense of closeness to a company. Sixty percent say content marketing helps them to make wiser buying decisions compared to traditional marketing mediums.

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Warning to Businesses: No Google+ Profiles, Or Else!

Google+ WarningIs Google+ the greatest thing since sliced bread? That’s actually a pretty strange standard by which to measure innovation these days. But depending on what Internet buzz you’re reading you could certainly come away thinking that Google+ is the greatest thing since… well… Facebook. If that’s what you’re leaning toward then you might also be wondering what’s in it for your businesses. Well the short answer is nothing! In fact it appears that Google is actually sending a warning to businesses: No profiles, or else! Or else what?

To date Google+ has been an invitation-only project solely open to individuals, not businesses. But that hasn’t stopped companies like Ford and Coca-Cola from jumping on board – perhaps for no other reason than to begin doing some recon. But there may be consequences to disregarding Google’s request that businesses refrain from getting in right now.

Some companies who’ve begun experimenting with the commercial use of Google+ have amassed small armies of followers, or “circles of friends” as it were, in the new social medium. But gathering some early intel appears to come with a price – one that these companies aren’t overly concerned about right now. Google has made it clear that none of the data from those rogue business profiles, i.e. business masquerading as humans, will be able to be transferred to the new business pages when they arrive sometime in the third quarter of 2011. Is that a big deal? Eh, maybe. Maybe not.

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Why Should Businesses Care About Google+?

Why Should Businesses Care About Google+?

Before the birth of social media, we called certain groups of friends a social clique. For instance, you have your 9 to 5 friends, your religious friends, political friends, entrepreneur friends, clients, family, and then you have those who you prefer to keep at arm’s length.

If you invited all of your friends and acquaintances to a dinner party, to announce details of your private life, certain individuals would take it out of context. That’s why you share certain things with one group of friends and keep it on a hush-hush with others.

When Facebook emerged, it seemed as if all friends and clients were grouped into one category. Everything posted on a wall was put out on display for a free-for-all critique session. For many, having a Facebook account is like a full-time job monitoring every single detail of one’s social life. Many Facebook users have learned that once private information gets out in the open to the wrong people, it can sabotage a good reputation.

Google+ is becoming a popular favorite among business owners because it gives you complete control over who is allowed to be a part of your social circle.

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13 Google Search Functions That Will Change Your Life!


13 Google Search Functions That Will Change Your LifeInformation is the fuel of business in this post-modern world and business owners are learning to depend more and more on Google’s extensive search tools to help them find the information they need. However, if you don’t know a function or service is available, you can hardly make good use of it. As this post (and this link) will show you, Google’s search functionality goes way beyond the basic search bar.

Google breaks its Search Features Help page down into categories:

  • Everyday Essentials
  • Reference Tools
  • Choosing Keywords
  • Local Search
  • Health Search
  • Trip Planning
  • Query Refinements
  • Search by Number

Some of these are naturally more useful to business people than others (I suppose some would argue that finding Sports Scores is business-related…), so here is a list of 13 Google Search Functions That Will Change Your Life! (or at least be useful).

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