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Google Shines a Beacon on Local Business

Google has started a pilot program that involves sending electronic beacons to businesses with physical (aka, “brick and mortar”) locations to make their venues more visible to customers with mobile devices. 

What’s a Beacon you ask?

Beacons are small electronic transmitters that send one-way signals that are read by customers’ phones. This location information can be used to access a broad range of services on mobile devices.

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Get The Most Out Of Social Media

Get The Most Out Of Social Media | Powerserve

Social media has become like another person sitting at the dinner table. It’s everywhere, and if you aren’t on a platform, people look at you funny. Would you disagree? It’s fascinating. Maybe you’ve underestimated social media, maybe you’re active daily. I’ve been thinking about the great possibilities social media can bring, so I encourage you to get the most out of it that you can.

Some of these might be obvious, and that’s fine, let them refresh your social media perspective. If these are new challenges, maybe give them a second look.

Content Matters. Greatly. Be sure your content is relevant to you, but also engaging and interactive. Social media is a great vehicle for sharing content you’ve already written. It helps gain exposure, which is often the desired goal. It also has the power to keep content alive even after it isn’t the newest on the block. Write quality, share quality.

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Thoughts For A Successful Social Media Strategy


Social media. Not a newcomer to the scene by any means, but steadily an evolving, powerful tool. Each person’s goal/passion with social media can be different, because each person has their own unique personality and spin on life. This is what makes it such an interesting activity! So how can we stand out in all the noise of different personalities and purposes with social media? Here are our thoughts…

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All About Google Places

Powerserves Google Places

Local businesses have long doubted the possibility, if not the potential, of ranking favorably for geo-modified keyword phrases in the organic search results on Google. While websites that are well optimized for conversions can turn these high-cost clicks into profit, it is often difficult for small businesses to stomach the costs of redesign and analytics that it takes to mold such sites. All things considered, it can be a trying, expensive endeavor for a small business to gain traction in the paid or traditional organic search results.

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How Taylor Swift Does Social Media Right

Taylor Swift. You may not be a huge fan, but you have to admit she’s a rockstar when it comes to social media.

Taylor understands that it’s awesome to her fans to respond to them — via comments on Instagram, or replies on Twitter. She continually affirms all those who interact with her — a girl dealing with mean girls, someone struggling with acceptance. She promotes a positive message and reflects a genuine care for her fans, and let me tell you, her fans can tell. Her Twitter is full of personal shout-outs, internet-ready jokes, and sweet replies to fans, which makes sense because her music are filled with similar things! This kind of continuity inspires devotion and relatability.

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5 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Is Important

The marketing landscape has changed with the introduction of Social Media. Now businesses have a powerful and easy to use tool that allows them to share a piece of content all over the world in seconds. If you are not using it for business reasons you’re already behind. Here is how Social Media can fits into your overall marketing strategy. Continue reading

What Should I Know Before My First Social Media Campaign?

First Social Media Campaign

Every business has different expectations for their social media campaigns. Some businesses want to better communicate with their existing customers. Some businesses want to reach out to new customers and expand their marketing. No matter how you want to use social media for your business, having the proper expectations set from the beginning is most important. Continue reading