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Avoid Overwhelming Your Users

Avoid Overwhelming Your Users | Powerserve

If you want people to enjoy visiting your site, and want to happily do it more often, you must be careful about overwhelming them.

I know I only stay on a website if it’s well organized, nice looking, and not too crazy. If there is too much going on — too many calls to action, too much unnecessary content, very often the users will not be able to retain the information and will get frustrated and leave the site or app. Below are some tips and examples about not overwhelming our potential website users:

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5 Essential Elements of a Good “About Us” Page

Elements Of A Good About Page  |  Powerserve

About Us pages are fun to read, aren’t they? They are sometimes the first page (after the homepage) that we like to visit. I always like seeing “About Us” pages that look intentional. They may be complete with a clear photo or a fun bio, but nonetheless they are put together well. I’ve been thinking about other elements of a successful “About Us” page:

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8 Things Your Homepage Needs To Be Effective

8 Things Your Homepage Needs To Be Effective | Powerserve

Your website is a valuable tool for landing new clients or work, but it’s also a helpful tool in marketing your services. It’s a way for the public to learn about your business, and to help newcomers on the scene to trust you know what you’re doing. This being said, what’s the first thing seen when someone clicks your URL? The homepage, correct. Therefore, this page needs to capture the user’s attention quickly.

Recognizing this, I’ve been thinking about the elements needed to achieve this goal — read on, friend:

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