How to Choose the Correct Domain Name

Choosing a domain name is a critical step in establishing your web presence. Knowing what to look for when buying domain names will help you choose the right domain(s) for your business or organization. Remember these helpful hints when purchasing your domain.

Easy to Remember

Choose a domain that is easy to remember and as short as possible. Potential customers are bombarded by domain names in commercials and ads every day. Making yours memorable will go a long ways towards being sure your customers find your website easily.

Avoid Special Characters

Avoid adding dashes and numbers in your domain name. This can make it confusing to clients and isn’t easy to share with others. beats

Use Keywords

Whenever possible, your domain name should include keywords that are relevant to your business. This helps your domain look more relevant and encourages users to choose your website when comparing search engine results.

Purchase Common Misspellings

If a word in your domain name is easily misspelled, it’s a good idea to purchase common misspellings. Then set those misspelled names to redirect to the correct domain.

Protect Your Company

Purchasing the .net, .org, and .biz domain variations isn’t just a good idea anymore, it’s a necessary strategy to make sure your competition doesn’t get them. If they do, they could redirect clients who are looking for you to their own website.

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