Content Optimization That Isn’t Keywords

Content Optimization That Isn't Keywords

When you hear the word ‘content optimization,’ does your mind usually think about keywords? Mine does also. But I’ve recently discovered in my work that there are a couple of factors that can help strengthen the optimization level. Let me know what you think:

Title – The most prominent part of the content your reader gets to see before they actually click on the article and start reading. Even if you succeed with Google, SEO and keywords and Google shows your content on page one in their search results: A boring title will make you lose most of your potential readers again. The same goes for social media: Your followers will not click and read if the title does not inspire curiosity.

Social Share Buttons – Social Share buttons are not only for the convenience of your audience, but also to significantly increase the visibility of your content. If you manage to get some readers to your content and your content is good, than at least some of your readers will be more than willing to share your content. If you make it easy for them to do so!

Pictures – They add to the visual appeal of your content and they function as an eye catcher. Pictures also are important for social sharing: There are many studies confirming that posts with pictures in the right format get more likes and shares on Facebook. Make sure you provide the pictures in the optimal format.

Layout, Design – If you want to use online content for your business, it is not enough to have a place where you can publish. If the user experience with consuming your content is so bad that your audience simply runs – save your time, it is not worth creating the content in the first place.

There you have it folks: Optimization does not end with keywords. Do you have any extra thoughts?

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