Creativity and Golf

Creativity And Golf

“Shotmaking and creativity must be taken to a higher zone at Augusta National, and no matter which way a player curves the ball, he needs to spin it in his head first.” Tom Spousta, via

Creativity and golf might seem like an unlikely pair, but it turns out they are more highly linked than people think.

“It’s Augusta National, so my juices start flowing,” Watson said. “I’ve been able to pull off some of the shots that you shouldn’t be able to pull off just because of my energy level. I get pumped up, and I become a kid again.”

Watson embodies how imaginations are unleashed each year at the only major that’s always held at the same course. He’s authored two shots that immediately were etched in Masters history based on audaciousness alone, and both led to victory. via

I’ll be honest and say that up until a couple of years ago, I thought golf was a pretty uneventful, relatively boring sport. Clapping instead of yelling, walking from hole to hole in what seems like silence, etc. Recently I’ve realized just how much imagination and creativity can help a golfer’s game. Bubba Watson is a great example. In 2012, he was able to save par, sealing his Masters victory, by hooking his second shot of the second playoff hole under trees and through the fairway!

Having the creativity to come up with a shot that no one else has ever thought of before and then actually execute the shot is pretty remarkable for a golfer, especially in a tournament like The Masters. I think creativity shines most when it comes to seeing alternatives. You know what it looks like, the golfer studies the course, and before a long drive, they’re thinking about all the possible ways to be successful in that shot. Creativity is about seeing the many alternatives and deciding which is the best choice, even if the best choice isn’t safest or most obvious.

“When you go to Augusta, the high trees with no limbs, there are gaps that you can pull off shots. If you hit in the pine straw, you can still maneuver the ball out and make solid contact to hit creative shots. So you can be creative with your contact out of the pine straw and out of the rough.” Tom Spousta

So, as the last few days of The 2015 Masters Tournament play out, be on the lookout for the creative golfers, the imagination in the shots, and the passion and fun that radiates from the Augusta National course.

image via Golfweek

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