Designing For Business Web Applications

Designing For Business Web Applications

Do you know the difference between web applications and websites? They are often confused, or not understood as two different items.

A website is best described as a collection of pages containing mostly static content, images, and possibly video, with some interactive functionality. A website’s goal is to inform. Web applications are interactive systems that help businesse perform business-critical tasks, while increaing and measuring productivity. A Web application is to perform a function that serves someone’s tasks.

Business applications range from invoicing to content management systems to document management and banking systems.

A successful user interface focuses on specific users and their tasks. Here at Powerserve we try to do our best to remember that oftentimes our client isn’t the ‘final user.’ Yes, they want to have input, but majority of the time they aren’t the ones who will sit in front of the computer all day, using the application. A great experience should allow users to be efficient, helping them focus on completing tasks in the easiest and fastest way.

When we brainstorm and design for particular users, we research, we sketch, we collaborate, and we test (often). Each Web application is unique, but they often contain a couple common features: web forms, master-detail views, dashboards, tables, and reports. It requires thoughtful forward-thinking, a great deal of effort from our talented developers, and design input from our designers.

Designing for the user with business Web applications is a challenging job full of decisions. We often wrestle a little between client and user needs, business requirements and users, novice and expert users, functionality and simplicity, to get to a final product. We will take a look at your existing business process or application, and begin the process of making changes that will give your users an overall better experience.

Powerserve loves a good web application challenge, and we are passionate about helping your business be more successful and efficient than ever. Give us a call today 🙂

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