Do You Fully Understand SEO?


When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), there is a lot to learn and understand. Unfortunately, many people are too busy running their business to learn all of the latest SEO practices and facts. Here a couple misunderstandings people have about SEO….

1. SEO is a Quick Fix

Correct SEO practices could gain your business rankings within days. SEO is a long-term investment in your company’s future. Today, creating great content on a regular basis is only part of the equation. Much of today’s SEO practices will revolve around promoting your content, building your brand, and creating vibrant and active social media relationships with your potential customers.

2. SEO Only Needs One

At one time, having a single SEO person was enough to help bring your website up through the internet’s ranks. Today, it sometimes isn’t enough. SEO cannot be carried out by a single person anymore; every area of your business has information that may be of value to your SEO team.

3. Content Marketing Is Enough

It is true that creating and presenting excellent content is an essential part of your overall SEO strategy, it shouldn’t make up the entirety of it. Great content is only part of the equation – you also need social media marketing, content distribution strategies, technical optimization, and more to ensure that your company continues to gain rankings across the web.

4. Inbound Links Determine Your Authority

In the past, getting inbound links was the only way to have your site appear authoritative to most search engines. Brand mentions, implied links, express links, and more can all be a part of the algorithm that determines how reliable and authoritative your site appears. This is why other methods of marketing are so important – you need to get people talking, to create a “buzz” so to speak.

Today, much of good SEO practice revolves around building relationships.  Social media is one tool, but it is also important to build good relationships with blogs focused on one of your primary niches. Getting these blogs talking about your company’s products and services is a great way to build your site’s authority.

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