Eat Right & Keep Your Site From ‘Biggest Loser’ Status

I try to live my life on the healthier side. It’s funny; I’m convinced that we spend millions of dollars on fitness gimmicks only to discover time after time that the Holy Grail of healthy living is in fact… diet and exercise! Bummer. But doesn’t everything work that way? Aren’t we endlessly in search of that one secret ingredient promising us the fat-free, sugar-free, full-flavored business we’ve always wanted – one that makes customers descend on us like wave upon wave of demented dieters on a taco wagon? But alas, just when we were finally resigned to the painful truth that success is measured by how much good ol’ fashion work we were willing to put into it, along came the Internet, which changed everything!

Is the Internet the greatest thing since sliced bread? Whole wheat bread maybe: packed with benefits, but takes some getting used to. Still, many marketers are convinced it’s rich in healthy ROI measured in the hundreds of percents of your daily values! Too good to be true? That skepticism isn’t unwarranted, especially when all of us were raised on hearty traditional marketing staples, many of which still seem pretty solid (we guess). And let’s be honest, online marketing can be a mysterious topic albeit intriguing. Who doesn’t want to be “number one on Google®”? After all, that’s when we can say we’ve arrived right? That’s when we’re making bank right? Ehhhh. Maybe. It can be a big deal for some businesses, and completely irrelevant for others. In any case it’s probably not the only consideration.

Some of us tend to be people of extremes. But does that really make sense? Isn’t balance a better goal? Can you really achieve balance by taking extreme measures? Just because blueberries are packed with vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants doesn’t mean you should put yourself on a “Blueberry Diet.” Trust me; that doesn’t work. So what does work?

Develop a “balanced diet” as it relates to your marketing plan. The bottom line is, the Internet alone can’t be your marketing plan. It’s just one prong in a multi-pronged approach. It’s not realistic to fix all of your marketing problems with a website or search engine optimization (SEO) or social media, or any other “miracle diet pill.” In fact, if someone asked me why they should run out and hire a web developer I’d say, “Maybe you shouldn’t.” If you’re like me, you wouldn’t let anyone “push a pixel” before they sat you down and understood your business through your eyes. How else would they be able to recommend anything that could become the online mirror image of who you really are? Look for a “nutritionist,” not an infomercial diet!

This is probably a lot to “digest.” So think of marketing like a puzzle: Your website and online marketing strategy are pieces of that puzzle. They’re a certain size and shape; and they fit into certain places. But once the puzzle is put together it reveals your ideal picture – a picture of a delicious, well-balanced business that’s good and good for you!

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