Generating Site Visitors Through Email


Let’s face it.  There are lots of ways to generate site visitors and increase your footprint on the web: blogging, PPC (Pay Per Click), and organic SEO techniques are just a few that are often referenced.  However, one of the least discussed methods is how to leverage email to generate site traffic and new visitors.

Perhaps one reason for this is the fact that email campaigns rely heavily on fresh content.  In order to effectively use email to generate repeat and new visitors, you will first need to decide if you can generate fresh content regularly.  If you can, email is a great tool to utilize.

Case Study: USACFA

USACFA (United States Adult Cystic Fibrosis Association) is a well established non-profit organization that provides a quarterly newsletter to their subscribers.  Though they had a blog and posted regular updates, they did not have an established method for driving their print subscribers to the site.

By uploading their subscriber base into MailChimp and linking their blog updates to an email campaign to be sent out automatically, USACFA was able to consistently double their site traffic.  See chart below.

USACFA Site Traffic

If you blog regularly or have a subscriber list and would like to start using email to generate more site visits, let us know!  Powerserve will help you get the most out of your content.

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