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Content Optimization

“Yes, I want these goods and services!” That short phrase is music to every website owner’s ears. Regardless of the business type, from private school, to large manufacturing company to counselor, your website copy should serve the needs and desires of your site’s visitors.

Website content should serve several key objectives:
Support Your Sales Process – Is your content so powerful and convincing that your users want to click or call for more information? Does it describe benefits your potential client can see, hear and feel? When someone talks to a company rep and then visits your site, their experience should be seamless. Similarly, when someone checks out your site before calling, it should tee the ball up for your sales team.

Demonstrate That You Understand Your Client’s Problems – Web content should be written with your client in mind. Create a picture of how they can see, hear and feel using your goods and services. You need to touch your potential client’s soft spot – their inner voice that says, “Yes, I want these goods and services!” Keep in mind what is important to them and frame your content around their common business problems and goals and show how you can help them achieve these goals.

Position Yourself As the Expert – Your site content should go into enough detail to prove that you know what you are talking about. Keep in mind that your home page and initial pages should not be cluttered, it is OK to have your users drill down in your site to find more content.

Help with Search Engine Optimization – Regardless of who your target customer is, the most common readers of your website will be the major search engines: Google, Yahoo! and Bing. These search engines “crawl” through your pages to index all of the information. When people perform a search for your goods and services, the search engine does it’s best to return relevant results. Websites that have regularly updated content tend to have the best and most recent information and are often rewarded with higher search results.

Oftentimes, in a rush to launch a new website, content is often overshadowed by the desire for that super cool design or amazing functionality. It is important that your graphic design and web programming team is familiar with your sales process and your core products and solutions.

Take time to carefully consider your website content and copy. Be sure to tap into your creative side and keep your headlines powerful and convincing. Does your content position you as a “thought leader”? Finally, keep in mind that you must also develop content that search engines find relevant to help ensure higher search engine ranking performance.


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