Google+ Buttons Impact on SEO and Search Results

Google1ButtonEven though it is impossible to predict whether or not Google’s +1 button will have a positive impact on SEO and search results, Google has dropped a few hints over the past few weeks. Have you noticed Google has placed special emphasis on content that’s being “Tweeted” on Twitter and “Liked” on Facebook? It doesn’t take a psychic to tell whether or not Google’s +1 button will have a major effect on SEO in the near future.

Every time you click the +1 button on your favorite article or promo page, you’re sending out a message to Google that your search result is relevant to the keyword you’re searching for. Whenever Google validates a result as a great source of info, it automatically places it in the Google search rankings. So, don’t be surprised if the more clicks you gain, the greater the ranking you will have.

Will the +1 Button Change the Way Search Engine Results are Displayed?

Many experts believe that the +1 button will completely change the way Google’s search engine results are displayed for each Google+ user. When a person clicks the +1 for an article or a web page, they’re actually contributing to a more personalized form of Google’s algorithm. The results displayed will be judged upon a person’s +1 behavior.

Let’s say you type in “How to find a landscaper”. The results you find in the search will be completely different than someone else’s results. Google will automatically match the results according to a person’s interests or +1 behavior.

When you think about it, the Google+ user has control over who has the highest ranking (if Google decides to use +1 validation). The one thing that will affect a Google+ user’s decision to +1 a page is content. If you provide content that’s relevant, newsworthy, and useful, you should have no problem getting people to share your content with a +1 recommendation.

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