How Taylor Swift Does Social Media Right

Taylor Swift. You may not be a huge fan, but you have to admit she’s a rockstar when it comes to social media.

Taylor understands that it’s awesome to her fans to respond to them — via comments on Instagram, or replies on Twitter. She continually affirms all those who interact with her — a girl dealing with mean girls, someone struggling with acceptance. She promotes a positive message and reflects a genuine care for her fans, and let me tell you, her fans can tell. Her Twitter is full of personal shout-outs, internet-ready jokes, and sweet replies to fans, which makes sense because her music are filled with similar things! This kind of continuity inspires devotion and relatability.

Taylor’s talent for all things social media comes from the same place that her songs do, and her emotional facility is the reason that she’s so good at both. With over 20 million followers on Twitter, 35 million likes on Facebook, and 3 million followers on Instagram she’s leading the numbers game.

1. Share stories – Taylor is awesome at sharing fun details of her daily life, giving fans a glimpse into what she’s doing. Brands can take a cue here and mimic Swift’s commitment to transparency. Oftentimes it’s not all about your product or service — it’s what happens behind the scenes that give your audience a glimpse of your organization.

2. Authentically share your voice – Taylor Swift is the queen of nice. She’s gracious and girly and positive and that works for her. Companies spend big dollars trying to define and express their brand’s voice, but so many of them are afraid to let the public experience it on a regular basis via social media. Find your brand’s voice and let it be heard online.

3. Engage – On the day of her latest album release, Taylor spent the time to respond to fans just to say “thanks.” Did she respond to every single tweet that came in that day? Of course not. Your brand needs to respond to its customers – even if it’s just to say thanks. Acknowledging your audience when they interact with you online will make a huge difference to them, and will increase the likelihood of them spreading the word about you to their friends and other followers.

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