Important Aspects Of E-Commerce Websites

Important Aspects Of E-Commerce Websites

Having a well-designed e-commerce website can take your business from good to great. E-commerce is a whole breed of website entirely on its own, and there are a handful of important elements that all e-commerce websites need to have.

Solid Images

High quality and eye-catching photos will not only help your customers enjoy visiting your site, but it will drive them to more frequent purchasing decisions. Also, having photographs for each individual project makes the decision-making process of the customer a lot easier. Make sure to show each element of the product to instill trust for potential buyers.

Good Copy-Writing

Along with great photographs, a helpful and concise description of your product is vital. Your copy doesn’t need a massive about of information in it, but it should answer most of the important questions potential buyers will be asking. Sometimes a bulleted list is more effective, because website visitors can skim quickly each product as they are clicking through pages.

Easy Checkout

The main purpose of an e-commerce site is for people to buy your product, right? Right. The checkout process should be an easy and pleasant experience, always. You don’t want 4 out of 5 carts to be abandoned mid-purchase — that would be sad. Place call to action buttons (“Add To Cart, Buy Now, Purchase Here”) clearly visible on the page; make them prominent and easily understood.

Free Shipping and Discounts

If you purchase stuff online, you know the value of the phrase “free shipping.” It will usually prompt you to return to that online store frequently, does it not? Position eye-catching banners offering discounts, freebies, and free shipping packages to regularly attract new customers and keep current ones interested.

Some are obvious, others are not. Is your e-commerce up to speed? If not, we’d love to help. 

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