Is Your Website at A Standstill?

Is Your Website Standing Still?

Use These Important SEO Tips to Give Your Website a Boost…

Whether you have a new or existing website, a well designed website is only one aspect of owning a success website. You will also need to make sure your website’s content will actually be found within the search engines by your target audience. Here are a few SEO tips to help improve your web presence and gain more customers…

Avoid Using Excessive Links

When you use too many links that link to the same web page from another page, this will confuse your visitors. The search engines will only accept the very first instance of a link. It is a waste of time repeating links.

Make Your Brand Clear-Cut

If you want your business to be memorable, your brand must be evident on your website. This also improves the chances of people searching for your brand on Google, Bing and Yahoo. When users search for your brand name, you don’t have to compete with generic keywords they normally use (for ex. “David’s Bridal” instead of “wedding gowns”).

Improve Conversions with Deep Linking

Deep linking is basically links that point to internal pages rather than your main page. It is an effective way of sending power to web pages that are deeper in your website on the outskirts of your main page. As a result, it encourages people to explore your site and it improves conversions.

Utilize an XML Sitemap

An XML Sitemap guides search engine crawlers to attain meaning about your web page. If you’re utilizing CMS, check to see if has a feature that will provide the XML file automatically. You can also accomplish the same results with an XML Sitemap generator.

Start a Blog

Having a blog will not only engage your existing and potential customers, it is an excellent way to gain fresh content on your website. To help with SEO, try using targeting long-tailed keyword terms.

Utilize Anchor Text the Proper Way for Deeper Pages

Make sure you utilize anchor text as small segments of information. Use keywords that the search engine bots will relate to your web page. So, if you’re linking to a page about sports magazines, your link should be “/sports-magazines.html”. This will help the search bots and your visitors know what they are going to receive.

Avoid Saturating your Home Page with Links

Although internal linking hyperlinks that point to other pages on your website is crucial, don’t over-do it. Avoid having more than 150 links from one page to another. Otherwise, this will decrease your page-rank. When you saturate your page with internal links, this will make it difficult for your visitors to locate the link they’re looking for.

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