Keep People On Your Site Longer!

Keep People On Your Site Longer!

Bounce rates. Ever heard of them? Defined, bounce rate is the percentage of visitors to a particularly website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page.

Wouldn’t that stink? You invested in a website that users aren’t spending a lot of time on. That’d be a bummer. Even if your website doesn’t have a lot of content, there is a way of designing your website that still engages people for longer than 15 seconds. Below are my tips:

  • Provide Valuable, Interesting Content
  • Makes Sure It’s Nice To Look At On A Phone. This is key, almost everyone has a smart phone these days.
  • Avoid Pop-Ups. It’s annoying.
  • Navigate Visitors Through Your Site Well. If I can’t find the product or page I’m looking for, goodbye.
  • Hook Them From The Start. Great photography, a catchy callout, etc.
  • Your Website Needs To Be Fast

Having a great user experience can mean the difference between success and mere survival (of the fittest). Some of the tips here are no-brainers and will give you quick wins.

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