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Make Your Website Stand Apart | Powerserve

Have you ever thought about what convinced you to hang around when you visit a website? I’ve been thinking about what I would say makes me stay on a website….

  1. Content! Content! Content! Apart from a clean design, good grammar and clever content are the goods of a website for me. That to say, developing credible and valuable content is significant, and should be prioritized!
  2.  Clutter-free design. This is the obvious one. A website’s design is the first impression someone gets of your company or product. If it’s too cluttered or tacky, they’re easily distracted. If it’s outdated, they usually won’t think you’re legitimate. Having a good design can provide visual suuport to the look and feel of your brand is crucial.
  3. SEO friendly. If no one can locate you by an internet search, it doesn’t truly matter how awesome your website looks, or how it functions. It’s important to keep your website content relevant and easily recognizable for search engines. You can easily enter SEO elements like keywords, titles, and descriptions for each page.
  4. Activity on social media. Social media is a major medium for communication, sharing, and interaction these days. Using platforms to spread information about your website, your company, or your product, is both cheap and effective. Utilizing social media also boosts SEO and has the potential to build a strong group of internet followers — so put those social media sharing buttons your website!
  5. Hosting.  A slow site makes a person’s experience frustrating, which forces him/her to leave your page immediately. Get your website backed with fast, reliable hosting services so that customers won’t get stuck or frustrated.

If you remember these things, your website has a high chance of being awesome (in my eyes at least)! 

3 thoughts on “Make Your Website Stand Apart

  1. Josh

    #5 is arguably the most important, and yet most entangled component of this. I’ve talked at about this; but your website is typically the first interaction a prospective client/customer has with your business– every visit you receive is a sort of business meeting; no matter your SEO rankings, no matter your content… if you’re late to that business meeting, I’m going to go to a competitor who isn’t late. Hosting is a contributing factor to this, for sure– but being intelligent on other aspects on your delivery are also important. CDNs, caching/service workers, critical path optimization, and so forth all play their parts– even stuff as simple as using the wrong CSS can affect perceived performance for the end user.

    A website can have really great content, but if I can’t see it, or if the first thing I do see is an ad… it’s not very impressive.

    This is a sort of feedback loop, though; better load times and better usability performance can give you boosts on SEO and drives more traffic.

    There’s a shop in town (not you guys/gals) who are consistently late to their meetings; I’m glad you’re generally punctual.


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