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Everyday we are engaging in conversations with clients regarding their website’s usability on mobile devices. This should come as no surprise, as recent data shows that mobile website traffic has increased 192.5% since 2010 and mobile internet usage is projected to overtake desktop internet usage by 2014.

With that being said, there are many options available for clients and making the correct decision can be difficult. Many businesses are currently promoting dirt-cheap mobile websites, and with this post we hope to clarify some of the pitfalls of this option.

Most of the companies that are offering next-to-free mobile websites just drop your logo into a template, creating a completely separate website that will be detected on mobile devices. While this may seem like an improvement if your current site is difficult to navigate on a phone, it’s like placing a Band-Aid on a gaping wound.

You Have to Update Two Websites

With this option, you are now faced with the task of maintaining two separate websites. With third party solutions, it’s important to remember that your two websites are not talking to each other. This means two separate hosting fees, being forced to update both sites individually and almost always results in a very inconsistent brand message to your consumer.

SEO Impact

Another big problem with these solutions can be see in search engine optimization. Particularly if your old website is Flash and you now add a third party mobile website, your two websites are virtually invisible to search engines. So now you have a website that will at least display your address and phone number on a mobile device, but no one can find it. If you make regular updates to your site, or have recurring search engine optimization updates, these updates will not be reflected in a third party mobile website.

When investing in new technology, it’s important to explore all of your options. While an ultra cheap or free mobile site may seem like a good short-term solution, we often have clients coming to us expressing great frustration with third party mobile websites. They are upset with the hidden fees, difficult updates and cost of support.

Powerserve offers many solutions for mobile website needs. From an the basic and affordable mobile website to a mobile website with all the bells and whistles. We have a mobile solution for you.

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