Need Ideas For Your Business Blog?

Need Ideas For Your Business Blog?

Blogging is a great way to draw new customers to your business website. The trick is keeping your blog active. If someone goes to your blog and the last entry was a year and a half ago, that marketing strategy has backfired. A great business blog doesn’t necessarily always sell. But, it does show customers why they should do business with you and not your competitors. It shows your personality, your passions, your knowledge and your skill set.

Being the mind behind the Powerserve blog for about six months, I’ve spent a great deal of time making notes, brainstorming ideas, trying to think of creative and enjoyable things to write about for our blog. Here’s the list I’ve compiled to help you if you’re stumped:

1. Customer success story. (Walker Pharmacy’s new mobile site)

2. Compile a link roundup. (Like our web wander posts; those are fun.)

3. Speak to a topic everyone is asking about. (Landing pages, why social media is important)

4. Highlight an element of your company. (Our favorite websites, apps)

5. Talk about trends. (Taylor Swift and social media, Team Cable vs. Team Internet, Truett Cathy)

6. Tell the story of your origin. (What makes Powerserve different)

7. Display a sense of humor. (Anyone remember No-Shave November?)

8. Show your passion. (The Doctor Is In, User experience, creative block no more! Where does your website stand?)

9. Information, how-to. (Website load times, designing mobile websites, how to annouce your new brand)

10. Tips and tricks. (Ways to Work Better, how to optimize a landing page, getting more out of your workday)

11. Offer something special. (Google Places)

12. Round up the best of your blog. (2014 Highlight Reel)

13. Staff profiles. (We’ve got a couple coming up! Get excited.)

14. Write a series. (Like our ‘Powerserve On…’ posts.)

15. Be inspiring. (Ways to work better, design trends: should you lead or follow?)

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