Custom Programming + Creative Design = An Ecommerce Site That Works

Total Force FeaturesAt Powerserve, we combine creative design with custom programming. Because these are two sometimes opposing forces, it can be tricky explaining the extent of our abilities with these great assets. To serve as an example, we’ve recently launched, a website that sells custom made guidons for the military.

The Shopping Cart

Powerserve’s user-friendly e-commerce software was enlisted to give the power to easily start, grow, and manage their online business. We’ve done the hard work by building the tools that are needed to sell online into one search engine-friendly shopping cart software solution.

  • Create Custom TextProduct Customization – Customers can change the color, add text, or whatever you want. At, customers are able to add custom text to the guidons they want to order!
  • Zoom FeatureZoom In – A zoom feature for your store’s products can help show their quality and unique details. It adds that “little extra sizzle” customers look for in a website.
  • secure-shoppingSecure Purchasing – With all the news lately about Internet fraud, your customers don’t want to take chances on unsecure sites. We use state of the art SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificates with 4096 bit encryption, so you can rest easy knowing that customer information and transaction details are safe!

The Site Design

At, we tied these great features together with a unique design aimed at military professionals (pun intended). It incorporates all things military from camouflage to stars and stripes. It’s not just about the visual design, though. Our logistical strategy behind the design ensures a positive user experience. We considered the variety of people who will be accessing the site and made sure all users can enjoy it.

The Bottom Line? Our programmers and designers work together to create quality websites that get results.

What do you wish your website could do?

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