Protecting Your Online Accounts

Protecting Your Online Accounts

Technology now makes it easy to access your information anywhere you go on a multitude of devices. Everything is synced up and at your fingertips in a way that is both convenient and dangerous. This makes it far easier for a cyber-thief to access your information, but there are ways to make yourself safe, even as you enjoy the benefits of this latest technology.

Device Management

One thing you can do for every single device you have is choose a different log in and password. You can allow each device to remember only your user ID, but do not allow the device to store your password. If you were to lose that device, or it gets stolen, you will want your accounts to be protected. Do not access your account on untrusted networks. Set up your devices and accounts so that each time any changes are made to your accounts you’ll be notified.

Cyber Protection

Next you’ll want to know that you’re protected once you’re online. The Web Service Security or WSS, was formed as an Web security standard. The way it works is that organizations that handle cardholder information (such as credit cards, prepaid cards, debit cards, and ATM cards) must live up the standards of protection. These were designed to reduce credit card fraud. If the device you use to access accounts is lost or in the hands of a thief, this is the next wall of defense for your identity.

While technology makes things easier, it also makes us more vulnerable. Cyber thieves are smart and know how to hack into your accounts. You have to be smarter and protect yourself on every level from them.

Do you have personal habits to protect yourself on the web?

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