Why Your SEO Failed

Why Your SEO Failed

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Sometimes SEO fails. Read 3 common reasons SEO fails and how to fix them.

Sometimes SEO fails to improve website traffic. But how can something so straightforward fail to produce results? We’ll look at three possible ways your SEO can fail and ways to fix them.

You Targeted Too Many Keywords

You can’t dive into the deep end before you learn to swim. When starting to SEO your site, you need to focus your efforts so you can greatly improve your search rank on a few keywords instead of improving your search rank a little on a lot of keywords.

How to fix it:  Do your research and find three keywords that offer the biggest ROI. Optimize your site for those three keywords. Then move on to the next three. Work in three keyword groups until you’ve hit all the keywords on your list.

Targeted High Competition Keywords

SEO is tough!

While you’re optimizing your site for a keyword, there are millions of other sites doing the same thing. If you’re a local business, there is very little you can do to compete with national or worldwide corporations in search results for certain keywords, so optimizing your local bakery for the term “cupcakes” probably won’t have enough impact to put you on page 1.

How to fix it: Focus on geo-modified keywords, such as “cupcakes Augusta, GA.” In addition to focusing on a keyword the global websites aren’t, you also tap into local search audience that you have a better chance to convert them to customers.

Improperly Optimized Site

There are thousands of companies that offer SEO services, and each focuses on different aspects to improve search rankings. Some may favor external elements, such as backlinks and directory management, while others focus on internal elements, such as HTML structure and content optimization.

I’m not here to debate one style over the other. In the end customers just want search rank improvements. This drive for improvements pushes some SEO companies to use underhanded methods to boost search ranks.

Google is constantly refining their search algorithm to better serve visitors real websites with real content. With each revision and change we see more websites being penalized for using underhanded methods of SEO. Read about JC Penney being penalized for underhanded methods.

It’s best to do it right the first time!

How to fix it: Research your SEO company and make sure they only use valid SEO methods to improve your website. If what they say sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Proper SEO takes real time and effort. It’s not an easy thing to do, and the methods must be tailored for each website individually; however, the rewards and ROI it can offer when done correctly can more than outweigh any initial costs.

2 thoughts on “Why Your SEO Failed

  1. Alexa Steele

    Great article. I always tell my clients to choose one primary keyword they want to focus on per web page (my specialty is writing SEO content and trying to squeeze in a half dozen awkward keywords into your copy only makes for poor writing). I’ve also found link building to be one of the most important factors in building SEO.

  2. Patrick Rodgers Post author


    I agree. Spreading yourself too thin is a mistake. Best to focus and get the most benefit you can each step of the way.

    Link building is VERY important, and often an overlooked aspect of SEO. Again, it’s important to partner with a company who knows what they’re going instead of a fly-by-night firm that only offers lip service without results.

    Thanks for the comment!


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