Slack: Pros and Cons

Slack: Pros and Cons | Powerserve

Have you jumped on the Slack train yet? We’ve been using it for a couple months now, and it’s pretty sweet. Free to use for as long as you want and with an unlimited number of people? With many other cool features? I’m bummed we haven’t been using Slack longer than we have. But, if you’re out of the loop, or skeptical of its benefits, fear not.

PROS: Excellent private backchannel. Nicely designed interface. Great for communication. Variety of tools within the channels to use. Free subscriptions for those not ready to pay. Cuts down on email clutter. Easy to organize employees by teams (channels). Public and private channels. Per-room notification settings (meaning: those more chatty channels you can mute). Fast file sharing.

CONS: No calender or task management (but we use another medium, Trello, for that).  Sometimes difficult to reference old messages. It would be cool to set a custom away message. Mobile app isn’t terribly fast and seamless.

Not many cons, friends! If you’re clear about how you want to utilize Slack within your company, it can be a great benefactor and helper to you. For me personally, my favorite aspects of Slack is that it has decreased email clutter, and it’s pleasant to look at.

Does your company use Slack? What are your favorite aspects of it?

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