Still Using Spreadsheets?

Still Using Spreadsheets? | Powerserve

You aren’t alone. And we’ve got a better solution for you.

An estimated 1 billion people use Excel. via

91% of organizations are still using spreadsheets to some extent during financial planning, budgeting and forecasting. via

Spreadsheets are great when it comes to calculating data. They are certainly a useful tool. But as new technologies continue to emerge, the limitations of spreadsheets have grown more and more apparent. 

  1. They’re time consuming.
  2. They’re error prone.
  3. They’re difficult to review.
  4. They don’t show you real-time data.

Business leaders need the ability to take action with the most accurate, current information — without waiting for reports to be updated. Spreadsheets weren’t designed for collaborative, repetitive, company-wide projects.

Powerserve can create a game changer for your business with a web-based solution to foster collaboration, add scalability, and gain visibility into your business.

Are you running your business off of a spreadsheet? Do you think it’s helping or hurting your business process? Does it add stress to your employees or work process? Give us a call. We would be happy to create and/or build something specifically for you. 

2 thoughts on “Still Using Spreadsheets?

  1. Josh

    It’d be interesting to see an example of what you intend to replace spreadsheets with, maybe some work you’ve done in the past that highlighted the differences between a traditional spreadsheet and what you’re proposing, as well as some notes about why the interaction is better.

    1. Sean Bugher

      Hey Josh.

      The idea is not so much to replace spreadsheets as to utilize them with current technology and reduce the manual editing you’re doing on them. One of the simplest examples I can give is an email campaign we did for a client a few years ago. They had a large spreadsheet of subscribers they updated manually and sent newsletters to through email and traditional mail on a quarterly basis.

      We helped them move to an automated solution using MailChimp and made it possible for anyone in their organization to edit and keep the “spreadsheet” up to date through their online subscriber list. It also made it possible to do all kinds of filtering and searching of subscribers to get very targeted lists for specialized emails, and they can do it all in much less time.

      After the revamp of their newsletter processes, they were able to triple their site traffic in about 1 month, and it’s stayed there.


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