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Fuller, Frost & Associates Launch Redesign

Fuller, Frost & Associates, a law firm located in Augusta, GA, came to us wanting a site design refresh in order to bring their site up to date and improve usability. They wanted to utilize plenty of white space with minimal use of images, making the content stand out as the primary focus to site visitors.

To enable Fuller, Frost & Associates to maintain their own website and update content as needed, the site utilizes our WSA content management solution. The WSA allows anyone with basic computer skills to update and maintain their site.

Fuller, Frost - Before and After

View the Before and After shots

Working with Powerserve was a great experience. Our website looked even better than what we had anticipated. We received excellent training on the WSA and found it very easy to use.Steve Loflin, CPA, Fuller, Frost & Associates

Visit the Fuller, Frost & Associates website: http://www.fullerfrost.com/

Learn more about Powerserve’s WSA content management solution.

WSA 4.0 – A Better Content Management Solution

WSA-4-logo-white-bgAt Powerserve, we realize that in order to continue providing great products and service, we must be continuously developing and improving. Powerserve’s content management solution, Web Site Accelerator, is currently the focus, receiving some cosmetic changes as well as some key functionality updates. It is our goal to improve and streamline the WSA, making it easier for our clients to maintain their websites.

Be on the lookout for more Web Site Accelerator 4.0 details as we come closer to launch day. Click here to find out how to get this upgrade for FREE!

Trinity on the Hill United Methodist Church Launches New Site

The New TrinityontheHill.net

The New TrinityontheHill.net

The new Trinity on the Hill website is the culmination of a successful multi-phased website project. Powerserve’s first task was to empower the Trinity staff, giving them total control over their website content. Once that part of the project was completed, we would then develop an updated design along with a more intuitive navigation structure for the site.

Content Management Solutions have dramatically changed the way organizations maintain their websites. Rather than be tied to the traditional client/webmaster model in which you’d send your update requests to a web developer who might take days to turn them around, modern CMS’s are easy to use and allow you to update your site using any computer with an Internet connection. But don’t be intimidated by the thought of maintaining your own site. Many CMS’s, like Powerserve’s Web Site Accelerator, are designed with usability in mind. If you have clerical skills, you can maintain your own site!

Following the migration of Trinity’s content from a static HTML framework to Powerserve’s Web Site Accelerator, the next step was to develop a brilliant new design for the church. Using their new logo as the starting point for our creative process, one of Powerserve’s design leads was able to craft a new concept that really enhanced Trinity’s brand image online. Then we reorganized the content under a new navigation structure that was more visitor-centric. Church members are better served by being able to access the information they need, while new visitors find the site to be the first source to look for information about Trinity on the Hill.

Visit the Trinity on the Hill website: http://www.trinityonthehill.net