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Email, File Transfers, and Spam

Email, File Transfers, and Spam 

PowerServe has always maintained a policy of offering email service at no additional charge for all of our Web hosting clients. These free email services include many features like spam identification and anti-virus filtering.These basic level email services have certain restrictions to help ensure that all our clients can get important messages through our servers and across the internet as quickly as possible. The limitations for basic email accounts are:

  • 2 MB per email
  • 20 MB per day

Several options exist if you want or need more than these basic email services. We have options for every level of need. Powerserve’s support team will be glad to help you transfer your email to any of these providers. It is perfectly acceptable to maintain your current Powerserve Web hosting and support contract but transfer your mail services to one of the providers below. We will even help you make the switch for free! This is another example of the quality of service we provide our Web hosting and design clients.

Email Providers

  • Google Mail – Google provides free business email hosting with no preset user account limit. In addition, you get access to their online applications such as a shared calendar, instant messaging, and shared spreadsheets. They allow file attachments up to 20 MB. Learn more about Google Mail.
  • GoDaddy Email – GoDaddy, our premier partner for domain registrations, offers a premium email service for only $29.99 per YEAR – that’s only $2.50/month! You get up to 100 email addresses AND you can send files up to 30MB in size. This plan also includes an online group calendar and free GoDaddy Ringtones for your cell phone. Learn more about Godaddy Email.

File Transfers

Let’s face it. The email infrastructure was simply not built for transferring large files. Large attachments slow everything down because of the internet protocol email uses.If you need to send large files to customers, the overall best option is to use a service that is designed for it, such as DropSend. It allows you to send files up to 1GB directly from your desktop and also serves as online storage space. They even have a free account that may serve your needs perfectly. Learn more about DropSend.com.


SPAM (not Spam®) has become such an incessant plague on Internet traffic that the Federal Trade Commission has been empowered to enforce the recent changes in U.S. law concerning it. Read more about the FTC and Spam. Learn more about SPAM SCAMS.

Need more help?

Visit our interactive help site for tips configuring email software like Microsoft Outlook.