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Re-brand or Refresh?

Re-brand or Re-fresh
Almost all businesses consider the idea of re-branding at one time or another. Staying relevant and competing against new, hipper-looking competitors can be a constant battle. However, re-branding isn’t always a good thing. Sometimes a simple refresh that keeps the integrity of your brand is a better option. Continue reading

You vs. The Competition

You vs. The CompetitionWho is your Competition? This seems like a fairly obvious question. Comcast or AT&T, Facebook or Twitter, Mac or PC. In the marketplace there is a constant battle to win over consumers. With all this competition being such a big part of our daily choices, I was surprised to find that when I ask clients to list their biggest competitors, they often have a hard time listing even one or two companies. The truth is that unless you have invented a brand new product, you probably have hundreds of competitors and you’re battling to gain attention every day.

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Favicon: A 16×16 Pixel Final Touch For Your Site

Stand Out From The Crowd

Favicons help draw attention to your site

I’m a sucker for the details. On websites I want to make sure all the t’s are crossed and all the meta tags are in place. However, beyond HTML validation and browser testing, a detail that frequently gets overlooked is the Favicon. It’s a small detail that can be the attention grabber that pulls eyes to your site instead of your competitors.

You may think I’m being melodramatic when I say this 16×16 pixel image can make your site stand out, but I’m a firm believer in them. If a visitor opens tabs for you and 4 of your competitors and beside only one of them is a custom icon, which do you think they’ll be drawn to first?

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