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The Godfather’s Guide To Doing Business Online

Arguably, the Godfather movies are the greatest films ever made, begetting some great “wise guy” proverbs. And since I’m one of those guys who could communicate entirely in movie quotes and being a “web-wise guy” to boot, I wondered how Don Corleone might run the online “family business.” Here’s some memorable Godfather wisdom – and nobody even has to get whacked!

“I’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse.” Studies show that it takes less than a second for visitors to pass judgment on you based on your website. Impress them immediately before the Back button becomes public enemy number one.

“It’s business, not personal.” If that’s your website’s vibe, remember: People make decisions intellectually, but they buy emotionally. It’s always personal; touch something sensitive.

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Spam, Scams, and Flim-Flams


With all due respect to Monty Python’s hilarious skit, as well as that most-favored canned meat that Hawaiians seem to love so much more than the rest of us, SPAM is basically any email or message you receive that you didn’t ask for and don’t want. As much people hate it, most SPAM is fairly innocuous, merely wanting to sell you something that may or may not make you richer, better looking, or otherwise more attractive to either or both genders. It can easily be relegated to the trash bin, assuming your SPAM filter didn’t already catch it and put it there before you even looked at it. Most SPAM filters are getting pretty good at that and, while it does waste a lot of time, it doesn’t usually cost you more than the time wasted to deal with it.

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13 Google Search Functions That Will Change Your Life!


13 Google Search Functions That Will Change Your LifeInformation is the fuel of business in this post-modern world and business owners are learning to depend more and more on Google’s extensive search tools to help them find the information they need. However, if you don’t know a function or service is available, you can hardly make good use of it. As this post (and this link) will show you, Google’s search functionality goes way beyond the basic search bar.

Google breaks its Search Features Help page down into categories:

  • Everyday Essentials
  • Reference Tools
  • Choosing Keywords
  • Local Search
  • Health Search
  • Trip Planning
  • Query Refinements
  • Search by Number

Some of these are naturally more useful to business people than others (I suppose some would argue that finding Sports Scores is business-related…), so here is a list of 13 Google Search Functions That Will Change Your Life! (or at least be useful).

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Welcome to Domain Purgatory


Welcome to Domain Purgatory

A customer recently called Powerserve Support because their website was down. A quick check revealed that the domain name had recently expired. How did that happen? Quite simply, the domain did not get renewed, so when the expiration date rolled around the site went down. The domain was probably registered years ago and now nobody has any record of the account login. To make matters worse, the person who registered it no longer works for the company and the email address the domain information is supposed to go to no longer works.

Guess what? When that happens, you’re in Domain Purgatory. Your site might be down for days or even weeks. Worse yet, depending on how it’s set up, your email may be down with it. Yes, Virginia, your business email can go down if your domain name expires.

So what can you do?

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Re-brand or Refresh?

Re-brand or Re-fresh
Almost all businesses consider the idea of re-branding at one time or another. Staying relevant and competing against new, hipper-looking competitors can be a constant battle. However, re-branding isn’t always a good thing. Sometimes a simple refresh that keeps the integrity of your brand is a better option. Continue reading

Custom Programming + Creative Design = An Ecommerce Site That Works

Total Force FeaturesAt Powerserve, we combine creative design with custom programming. Because these are two sometimes opposing forces, it can be tricky explaining the extent of our abilities with these great assets. To serve as an example, we’ve recently launched totalforce.com, a website that sells custom made guidons for the military.

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You vs. The Competition

You vs. The CompetitionWho is your Competition? This seems like a fairly obvious question. Comcast or AT&T, Facebook or Twitter, Mac or PC. In the marketplace there is a constant battle to win over consumers. With all this competition being such a big part of our daily choices, I was surprised to find that when I ask clients to list their biggest competitors, they often have a hard time listing even one or two companies. The truth is that unless you have invented a brand new product, you probably have hundreds of competitors and you’re battling to gain attention every day.

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Powerserve Wins 9 Addy Awards

Congratulations to the entire Powerserve design department for winning 9 Addy Awards. This year is extra special because it marks the first time we won a Gold Addy award.

The ADDY Awards truly represent “the best of the best of the best” in advertising. Held annually by the American Advertising Federation of Augusta, the Augusta ADDY Awards is the first of a three-tiered national competition. Local winners compete against other winners within their regions in one of 14 district competitions. District winners move on to the National ADDY Awards competition.

Congratulations to the entire team! Here’s hoping we’ll better our winning record in 2011.

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PowerServe expands its base by acquiring 7th Street Media

For Immediate Release – On March 1, 2008, PowerServe, a web design and software development company based in Augusta, announced the acquisition of over one hundred 7th Street Media web clients from Morris Communications. Although the majority of the clients are local small businesses, they also include clients throughout the United States.

These clients can expect to benefit from PowerServe’s full range of services: timely support, award winning graphic design, and superior technology solutions, which include content management, e-commerce, real estate solutions, and custom web development.

Since restructuring and refocusing the company in 2003, PowerServe has grown in many ways. The company has over 350 satisfied customers being served by 15 experienced analysts, graphic designers and programmers.

“The deal makes sense for both companies and our clients. We were looking to grow the web design and hosting aspect of our business and Morris Communication had already decided to phase out 7th Street Media”, said Jeff Partl, PowerServe’s President. “The clients will now be working with a provider that has more resources to help them grow their business.”

About PowerServe
PowerServe is a leading provider of graphic design, web development, custom programming and hosting based in Augusta, Georgia. Since 1998, PowerServe has worked with clients to identify opportunities where our services can make real and measurable gains in the bottom line of their businesses. More information is available at http://www.powerserve.net