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The Godfather’s Guide To Doing Business Online

Arguably, the Godfather movies are the greatest films ever made, begetting some great “wise guy” proverbs. And since I’m one of those guys who could communicate entirely in movie quotes and being a “web-wise guy” to boot, I wondered how Don Corleone might run the online “family business.” Here’s some memorable Godfather wisdom – and nobody even has to get whacked!

“I’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse.” Studies show that it takes less than a second for visitors to pass judgment on you based on your website. Impress them immediately before the Back button becomes public enemy number one.

“It’s business, not personal.” If that’s your website’s vibe, remember: People make decisions intellectually, but they buy emotionally. It’s always personal; touch something sensitive.

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If Dinosaurs Lived Today

Can you imagine living in a world filled with great and terrible beasts like the dinosaurs? What a world it must have been! I’m guessing that movies like Jurassic Park don’t even come close to depicting these awe-inspiring reptiles! If you’ve ever stood before the intimidating skeleton of a T-Rex in a museum, or a colossal Brachiosaurus, you might have gazed up at it wondering what that amazing animal must have been like in real life. You might have also wondered, Just how did such mighty creatures become extinct? You might be closer to the real answer than you think.

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Cool Tools for Small Businesses (that are Free or Cheap)

Cool ToolsAs small business owners we’re all looking to save money wherever we can. The savings can really pile up when you start looking at free or cheap versions of the productivity tools we all need every day. Hence our super helpful list of Cool Tools for Small Businesses (that are Free or Cheap) that we featured on the Buzz on Biz radio show!

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Re-brand or Refresh?

Re-brand or Re-fresh
Almost all businesses consider the idea of re-branding at one time or another. Staying relevant and competing against new, hipper-looking competitors can be a constant battle. However, re-branding isn’t always a good thing. Sometimes a simple refresh that keeps the integrity of your brand is a better option.Continue Reading »

Custom Programming + Creative Design = An Ecommerce Site That Works

Total Force FeaturesAt Powerserve, we combine creative design with custom programming. Because these are two sometimes opposing forces, it can be tricky explaining the extent of our abilities with these great assets. To serve as an example, we’ve recently launched totalforce.com, a website that sells custom made guidons for the military.

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Favicon: A 16×16 Pixel Final Touch For Your Site

Stand Out From The Crowd

Favicons help draw attention to your site

I’m a sucker for the details. On websites I want to make sure all the t’s are crossed and all the meta tags are in place. However, beyond HTML validation and browser testing, a detail that frequently gets overlooked is the Favicon. It’s a small detail that can be the attention grabber that pulls eyes to your site instead of your competitors.

You may think I’m being melodramatic when I say this 16×16 pixel image can make your site stand out, but I’m a firm believer in them. If a visitor opens tabs for you and 4 of your competitors and beside only one of them is a custom icon, which do you think they’ll be drawn to first?

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What does your email address look like?

Email | Augusta Web Design

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Is your email address easy to remember? Is it linked to your business website? If it isn’t, why not?

Is your email address easy to remember? It it easy to say over the phone? Is it directly linked to your business’s website?

If it isn’t, why not?

People want to work with professionals. They want to work with people who have attention to detail, so make sure you don’t over look this one.

For Example: If you were working on a website design with John Smith at Powerserve, which of these email addresses would be easier for you to remember? go-dawgs4145@yahoo.com or jsmith@powerserve.net.

Which looks more professional?

If you like your Yahoo email and don’t want to check a second account, you can have your business email forward directly to your Yahoo account. Or to Comast. Or any other email address you want.

This will make sure your clients see a clean, professional, business email address, and they can trust who it’s going to.

If you help setting up your business email, contact Don Harris, our support lead, at support@powerserve.net or call him at (706) 826-1506 x121.