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P.U.R.E. Movie Magic for the Web

It seems like every day the web is becoming more engaging. Video, which was not long ago a new concept for engaging a visitor’s attention, has now become the new standard for content delivery. Many of PowerServe’s clients are looking to appeal to just such a content-hungry audience. Sure, folks can come to your website and scroll through page after page of “About Us,” “What We Do,” “Our Mission,” “Our Vision,” and so forth. But have you ever thought about distilling your organization’s “elevator pitch” into a two-minute video? If you have a video posted to your website, studies show that most people will actually click the “play” button just out of curiosity. (Similarly they also click the “stop” button when they see it’s 95 minutes long, so be warned.) We’re a visual culture and we love to be entertained!

PowerServe recently launched a new video project for a client who wisely decided that their story could best be told with pictures – motion pictures to be precise. P.U.R.E Ministry Project is an organization that creates awareness in the church community and provides education about how to better minister to special needs people and their families. Not only did PowerServe develop an awesome new website for P.U.R.E Ministry Project, we were also able to reach into the client’s imagination, capture their vision for how to tell their story with images, and produce a touching introductory video.

Videos online aren’t just for your “elevator pitch” either. Consider producing a short video to demonstrate a product or service you offer or take people on a guided tour of your facilities. Do your projects generally take months to finish? Consider taking a daily photograph from the same angle and same time of day. Then, when the project is completed, we can put them all together into a seamless progression video, complete with background music and narration. Or perhaps present a few of your customers giving a powerful video testimonial. Want more ideas? Come talk to us.

Not sure where to start? Leave everything to us! PowerServe can arrange all of the filming, write the script, handle editing, and take care of production. Or we can create what we call an Impact Movie where we use stock footage and/or quality still photography enhanced with motion graphics and audio. Video adds a new level of engagement that your site simply does not have without it.

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