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Do you remember what interviews were like before this mega-digital age? Advice included printing out multiple copies of your resume, dressing to impress, and arriving 30 minutes early. The world of email and “come as you are” may seemed to have changed that standard advice, but maybe not….

How would you advise me for my interview today?

1. Dress for success. The goal is to feel confident but comfortable.

2. Be authentic, focused, candid, and concise. Quality and delivery of responses is important.

3. Think ahead about quality questions to ask. It’s a good time to learn about the job and the company itself.

4. Arrive on time. Allow extra time to arrive early in the area, allowing for factors like getting lost or traffic.

5. Stay focused. (And listen!) It’s easy to daydream when others are talking, but getting distracted isn’t helpful.

6. Even if you email your resume beforehand, print out and bring a couple copies. You never know who you’ll be meeting with, and you want to have your resume ready to go in case you’re asked for it.

7. Follow up. Sending a quick ‘thank you’ note with something positive about the interview shows sincere interest in the position.

It seems that advice for an interview is almost timeless. Wouldn’t you say? What interview advice would you give? Leave a comment, we’d love to share the wealth. 

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