Resolve To Update Your Website Design In The Coming Months

5 Reasons to Update your website

As we close out 2012, it is not too soon to be thinking about resolutions for 2013. Reviewing your company’s website design and your internet marketing strategy is just as important as reviewing your company’s profit and loss statements. I’ve put together a Top 5 list of reasons why you may want to review your website and consider your internet marketing strategy in the coming year.

  1. You Would Like to Appear Higher in Search Engine Results Pages – Search engines are constantly changing their algorithms and becoming much more intelligent in how they deliver relevant search results. Does your website have quality content? Do you update your content regularly? Are you utilizing latest Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices? Many SEO tactics from just 2 years ago that were helpful (keyword stuffing, countless inbound links to your site, to name a few) could actually be hurting your website ranking today.

  1. Is Your Website Mobile Device Optimized? – Website usage from mobile phones and tablets is growing at an astounding rate! A recent Mongoose Metrics study tells us that 44% of all US mobile phone sales are now Smartphones and 23% of US internet users own a tablet computer. Juniper Research predicts a 50% increase in online shopping from a mobile device by 2014. Only 10% of websites today are optimized for mobile devices. You don’t want to wait too long — your customers are craving a positive mobile experience.

  1. Your Website Gets Lots of Visitors, Yet Sales Are Low – The biggest benefit of your website is that it is your Number 1 salesperson, working 24/7, delivering the perfect pitch every time. Even though you may have substantial traffic to your site, your internet marketing strategy may not be converting visitors to sales. There are many tools available today to help capture leads and automatically integrate them into your sales process.

  1. Are You Keeping With The Times? – If your website was built years ago it most likely looks dated. An outdated website design reflects poorly on your business and sends potential customers looking elsewhere for your goods and services. A talented web designer can give your website a face lift that will be inviting, easy to use and position your company in the most positive light. An intelligent and intuitive website design coupled with an effective internet marketing strategy can help dramatically improve your bottom line.

  1. Does Your Website Meet Your Company’s Goals? – Many business owners are consistent about setting monthly and annual goals. It is critical that your website reinforces those goals. A savvy web design expert who understands the direction of your company can help optimize your website into a tool that engages your potential clients and generates a fabulous return on your investment.

Whether you just want to improve a clunky website, capitalize on a growing mobile audience, or appear higher in search engine results, make it a priority to update your company’s website in 2013. Maintaining an effective internet marketing strategy and vibrant website is an ongoing process, but one that will reap tremendous rewards!

6 thoughts on “Resolve To Update Your Website Design In The Coming Months

  1. Kris Dietz

    I saw your blog title and thought to myself, I hope SEO is their number one, and it was! Seriously, good call. Page optimization and generating new quality content regularly is becoming so essential to organic results. Really its 2 easy steps towards better organic results.

    1. Chelsea Eubank

      I definitely agree with you, Dave. That’s what we try to tell anyone calls and reaches out to us about their website. Mobile-friendly is one of the first steps to take.


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