Ways to Use Twitter For Marketing


So you’ve spent a good amount of time on Twitter, and you’ve become decent (or even good!) at attracting followers and engaging them with your relevant and clever 140-word messages. But do you feel like you’ve hit a wall in terms of how to engage your followers and/or draw new people in?

Fear not… check out the list below. Being an avid Twitter user myself, there are a handful of things I’ve discovered that have the potential to help grow your business and develop good relationships with the community and/or potential clients.

First, engage with other experts in your field.

One of the smartest things you can do on Twitter to boost your reputation is interact with popular Twitter users within your industry. Interacting with them as well can also do wonders – tweeting at them, favoriting posts, and posting content they might find engaging. If you get noticed by this expert, you might be retweeted or mentioned, which will not only get you a whole bunch of new attention but also help build your credibility on the site. Twitter experts tend to help build each other’s popularity by interacting with one another.

Second, offer deals or information exclusively to followers.

This one may not work for every kind of business. It’s great to tweet interesting and relevant pieces of information on Twitter – but if you want to convert potential customers to paying customers, you may want to offer them deals (or special opportunities). A great way to both boost your business and get more followers at the same time is by offering specials only to people who follow you on Twitter. When you become consistent with an activity like this, you’re like to gain more followers because they don’t want to miss anything you offer in the future.

Also, sharing your Twitter “name” (also referred to as your Twitter handle) on other platforms — your blog, Facebook, website, etc, can motivate people to find you on Twitter and keep up with your activity.

Third, make your brand shine through clearly and confidently.

One of the things that Twitter experts are best at is communicating their brand and aesthetic (or creating one) via Twitter. When you tweet, make sure every single message you send and every word you write is in sync with the company that you are and the voice that you use. Followers should be able to recognize a tweet from you without even seeing your Twitter handle first. Building a very strong, specific identity and voice helps create brand awareness on Twitter and across other platforms.

Fourth, write quality content.

The best and most important way to be considered an expert on Twitter is to write expert-quality content. First, and most importantly, your tweets should be grammatically correct without spelling errors (unless they are intentional, of course.) Then, you should offer facts and information that are well researched and don’t contain erroneous information.

Finally, you should only Tweet to your followers with relevant, interesting information that will engage them and make them want to hear more from you. Tweeting just to tweet is pointless for anyone. Make sure that every message you send out ups your credibility and encourages people to want to be engaged with you.

Want to learn more about how you can use your Twitter account to move your business forward? Give us a call, we’d be happy to talk about it. 

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