Weekly 13 Link Roundup

13 Link Roundup We share a lot of links on our Facebook and Twitter pages. So every week we comb through everything we share and post the 13 links that stand out to us. Why 13? Because it’s better than 12!

This week we look at what to consider when redesigning your website, a great new tool called FontDropper 1000, and why you should make room for a bigger Social Media Budget.

  1. Google+ Buttons Impact on SEO and Search Results http://bit.ly/pmm2v7
  2. Warning to Businesses: No Google+ Profiles, Or Else! http://bit.ly/qcmYoH
  3. Customer Service Excellence Drives Marketing Results http://bit.ly/pXJpJv
  4. 7 Factors to Consider When Redesigning Your Website http://on.mash.to/nIx7Un
  5. Mobile Web Quick Tip: Phone Number Links http://bit.ly/nANhr7
  6. You’ve Got Data, So What? http://bit.ly/qixXg1
  7. 10 Helpful Uses of RSS Feeds for Marketing http://bit.ly/nk8EcF
  8. Facebook Tests Friend Filters to Challenge Google+ Circles http://bit.ly/qJvU0O
  9. One Fish, Two Fish* or Why Social Media Is Not a Complete Answer http://bit.ly/r5l4qm
  10. 5 Ways to Make Your Customers Love You http://bit.ly/rtMmtx
  11. FontDropper 1000 http://bit.ly/ri6NqF
  12. Building the Case for a Bigger Social Media Budget http://bit.ly/qO3kNL
  13. The Backward Landing Page http://bit.ly/oFXrxl

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