Weekly 13 Link Roundup

13 Link Roundup We share a lot of links on our Facebook and Twitter pages. So every week we comb through everything we share and post the 13 links that stand out to us. Why 13? Because it’s better than 12!

This week we look at the importance of a quick response to customers, some Google search functions, and why content is king.

  1. Building on Brand Consistency http://bit.ly/pkzBp7
  2. 13 Google Search Functions That Will Change Your Life! http://bit.ly/n9sUDu
  3. 9 Business Trends That Aren’t Going Away http://bit.ly/o2o55p
  4. Responding to Leads Within an Hour Generates 7X the Conversations http://bit.ly/nYZgkZ
  5. Why You Need to Stop Restricting Content [Marketing Cast] http://bit.ly/rgas3P
  6. Farewell Flash? Adobe Launches HTML5 Web Animations Tool “Adobe Edge” http://rww.to/oFkM0N
  7. A Review of Browser Anti-Phishing Protection http://rww.to/o55gIm
  8. Readers’ Poll: How Do You Cross-Browser Test? http://bit.ly/qgpGro
  9. Chrome Overtakes Firefox To Become UK’s Second Most-Popular Browser http://on.mash.to/naryea
  10. White House Aide Says Tweets Influenced Debt Ceiling Deal http://on.mash.to/oFLoGV
  11. Win a Free Family Membership to the Augusta Museum of History http://bit.ly/pLIJQn
  12. Business in the Age of Instant Response http://bit.ly/r8KC72
  13. Content is King http://bit.ly/pw767C

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