Why Blog?

Why Blog?

Did you know that websites with blogs get 55% more traffic than site without?

The reason being…

  • Regular posts generate more content and more links
  • It builds your reputation
  • It increases brand recognition
  • It gives you better search engine results
  • It also drives more traffic to your site

And if that wasn’t convincing enough, blogs help build your marketing list, generate leads, humanize your company, promote products, and dispel misinformation.

Seems like a pretty hefty job for a blog, right? Friend, do not be overwhelmed, a blog cannot do every single one of these things at the same time. It’s helpful to set goals for your blog!

Some goals I thought about were these:

1. Specific – “People will read my blog because it will help them _____________.”

2. Measureable – Number of comments on your posts? Daily visitors? Links back to your content?

3. Attainable – Start small. Pick attainable goals to help keep you motivated.

4. Relevant – Goals and content should reinforce your business objectives.

5. Timely – Put a time limit on your goals. Have deadlines. Commit to blog consistently and regularly.

Bottom line, having an active blog on your site is a great and free way to promote the personality and character of your business! Give it a shot. We’re here to answer questions or provide suggestions. Happy writing!

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