Why Spam Won’t Go Away

Here’s a short excerpt from an article on Forbes.com that discusses why Internet Spam won’t be going away anytime soon:

This is why spam is such a hard problem to solve. For each e-mail, the spammer pays a cost and receives a benefit. But there is an additional cost paid by the e-mail recipient. Because so much spam is unwanted, that additional cost is huge–and it’s a cost that the spammer never sees. If spammers could be made to bear the total cost of spam, then its level would be more along the lines of what society would find acceptable.Read More of “Why Spam Won’t Go Away”

It’s unfortunate that spam has become the issue that it has, but there’s little to no downside for those responsible for sending spam. Even if only one person responds to an offer they mail out, it’s worth it to them, because it only costs fractions of a cent (if even that) for a spammer to send messages out.

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