Why Stickers and Decals Still Work in the Digital Age

Why Stickers and Decals Still Work in the Digital Age

Advertising is simply selling your brand to the consumers. Big or small, every business requires marketing in order to gain clients and customers which is the key towards business success. As you advertise more, people will also learn about your business, which is then translated into revenue. These promotional strategies include flyers, billboards, TV commercials, internet pop-up ads, stickers, and decals.

With so much internet shopping and viewing ads online, why is there need for businesses to stay traditional? In my opinion, here’s why:

1. Customizable

Depending on your business and style, you can customize your business sticker or decal to your preference. The design possibilities are endless!

2. Cost-Effective

It saves you money and time. You can buy in bulk, and give them out to anyone and everyone. It doesn’t require any safety measure or pricey equipment. It’s a simple sticker, and depending on where it’s placed, travels your business wherever it goes. Also, if there’s one thing consumers cannot resist, it’s freebies!

3. Eye-Catching

Since it offers a wide array of design possibilities, you could create the most eye-catching design. Stickers could be small and compact to fit on your cellphone cover and hand them out to total strangers. Then again, a decal could cover one entire wall with the variety of products you offer or include the store location. It’s important to decide what your goal is, and design your stickers and decals accordingly.

4. The Possibilities are Endless

Unlike other advertising media which is only limited to televisions, internet websites, stickers could just be placed and seen anywhere and everywhere! Designing the shape and style of the sticker caters to a specific target market but are definitely not limited to vehicles. Decals may be placed on top of your notebook, on your laptop screen, locker doors, cabinet, or even on your room’s wall.

5. Traditional and Trendy

With the help of digital printing technology and 3D effects, stickers opened another door for doing business. The digital printing technology allowed limitless possibilities for each sticker design. Today, businesses usually include bumper stickers and wall decals as freebies to new customers.

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